About Us

Behind every company, there’s a thought, dream, and a story that constitute its inception, ideologies, and objectives. INFINITY SERVICES was founded around One decades ago with a vision and two socially-inclined goals of developing Society and serving the knowledge to Managing committee. We aren’t merely a profit-making or a service-based enterprise. Instead, we are a socially responsible and concerned organization aiming to make the world a better place to live through extensive R&D and breakthrough innovations across various essential and critical areas concerning society.

Although our journey began with smaller facility management projects, we did not confine ourselves to facility management. Over the years, we’ve spread our wings to venture into other areas such as waste management, emergency services, renewable energy, robotic parking systems, etc. Today, we proudly share that we’ve been the housekeeping partners of Rashtrapati Bhavan, Sansad, Supremecourt etc for over a decade and continue to serve it delightfully!

We work on a very straightforward ideology of believing in our capabilities and strengths. Our founder, Mr. Sachin Dattaram Dabholkar, is a visionary Indian citizen who has immense faith and confidence in his team’s capabilities. His haan, karenge! (Translated to yes, we’ll do it!) approach has helped us broaden our service offerings, explore new realms of possibilities, scale new heights and reach the position where we are today. As a result, we are always open to opportunities and serve society to the best of our capacity through our innovative solutions and prompt services.

At INFINITY SERVICES, we take our commitments seriously and work towards delivering the value our clients, and society expects from us.



Mere profit-making isn’t our fundamental purpose of undertaking any project. We exist to make a positive difference in humanity with our core value - “Humanity Ahead”. Therefore, we look at every project as an opportunity to serve people and to make potential contributions to society. We consider every project we undertake as our own and contribute our efforts to it with the highest levels of integrity. In other words, we do everything we commit to wholeheartedly. Although external partners, we work with integrity levels equivalent to those of their in-house teams and therefore leave no stone unturned while helping our clients live up to their reputation. Our long-running and loyal client base is one of the most significant signs of the integrity with which we serve humanity.


Quality is of paramount importance to us. While striving to make significant contributions to humankind, we ensure we deliver the highest levels of professionalism. No matter what the job is or the volume of the work, we do everything meticulously to reflect the highest standards of professionalism, for which we are known. Our employees and associates resonate with the principle to deliver the highest quality and do whatever it takes to foster visible differences and help fulfill the client’s purpose of partnering with us.


Technology is an integral part of our continuous growth and evolution. We are open to embracing technologies that help us improve our work quality and enhance results. Over the years, we’ve shifted from conventional techniques to mechanized ones to accelerate work pace, enhance workplace safety and improve outcomes. Nevertheless, we’ve never let human employment numbers hamper while adopting the latest technologies.

Infinity Carrers

INFINITY SERVICES is an organization with a difference and a social benevolence aspect. Therefore, we provide you with career opportunities that enable you to leverage your qualifications to make vital contributions to society and humankind. In addition, we offer a healthy, happy, encouraging, and supportive work environment that brings out the best in you and that offers ample career growth opportunities. So, we look forward to working with people who empathize with our social approach and want to contribute to humankind. Explore our career opportunities here.

Our Subsidiary Companies

1. Infinity consultancy Services.
2. Infinity Accounting Services.
3. Infinity Legal Services.
4. Infinity Institute of Society Management.
5. Infinity Manpower supply.