Flat / Shop Transfer Procedure

1) In following Cases Share/Flat /Shop is transferred in favour of Applicant / Transferee.
When Flat is Sold to Purchaser/Transferee.
When Gift Deed is made to Family Members.
Release Deed Executed to Family Members.
Death Case when Legal Heir nominated.
Death Case when Nominee is not nominated & dispute of legal heirs.
Death case when Will is made in the name of Legal Heirs.

2) In all above cases Different Type of Documents must be submitted with Indemnity Bond, Affidavit, Legal Heir Certificate, Probate, News Paper Advertisement etc. for obtaining Membership in the Co-operative Housing Society in place of deceased Member.

3) All above type work and Documentation has been done by Us as per requirements of Bye Law. M.C.S. Act. 1960 and as PerLaw of the Land.