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  1. Maintenance of Electrical installations, replacement of electrical fitting and accessories, etc.
  2. Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment, Water Pumps & Lifts, Cable and Intercom.
  3. Anti-termite treatment, ensuring smooth running of the AMC. Anti-malaria treatment, such as fumigation etc. Tree trimming with BMC Permission.
  4. Keeping track of due dates of telephone, electric, water & property bills, Insurance premiums, AMC’s of lift, intercom, water pumps, fire fighting equipment etc.
  5. Market survey & quotation collection for building purchases or for works.
  6. Replying to govt. dept. for any issue with the discussion of managing committee.
  7. Securely managing the F.D with timely renewal or withdrawal as per the instruction of managing committee.
  8. Handling parking issues.