Recovery U/S 154 B(29) from Members / Occupants

Recovery U/s.101 is a special provisions of fast recovery of Dues from the Co-operative Housing Society Members.

On Proper submission of Application for Recovery the DRCS is issuing Recovery Certificate U/s.101 and said Certificate is given to Recovery Officer. The Said Recovery Officer is recovering the dues of the Society by applying procedure of recovery i.e. arrears of land revenue as per provision of revenue act of the State.

Following documents are required to file Recover Application to DRCS.

Defaulter Members Accounts Statement month wise, head wise year wise with principal amount, interest, total.

Three Reminders sent to the Members.

Legal Notice to the Member. (It is better to issue Legal Notice before filing. Recovery Application / case before DRCS.(Dy. Registrar of Co-op. Societies.)

General Body Resolutions for imposing monthly contribution and charges.

Managing Committee Resolutions for recovery action, for appointment of advocate and for filing recovery application before DRCS and signing authority.

Stamp Duty Payment for Recovery & Payment of Inquiry Fee to Govt.

After submission of relevant Application, hearing notices are been issued to both parties and after submission of Say, Re-Joinder and Written Submission, the file is closed for Order. Then Recovery Certificate is issued on the basis of merits of the Case.

After obtaining Recovery Certificate, the Recovery Officer is taking action of recovery after obtaining Recovery Fee.